Whether you spend a few hours, or a few days with us – you’ll find your Catalina Island experience more complete. Meet our friendly staff at Descanso Beach, they’ll help you fill your time with entertaining, educational and fun activities centered around our sparkling clear and fish-filled ocean waters.

Daily guided kayak excursions are available for as few as two persons, and most trips also have private rates for solo adventurers. Families will enjoy paddling together – a double kayak can hold two adults and a small child. Kids 11 years and under get a 25% discount on most of our trips and group rates are available for eleven or more if payment for all is made by one.

Kayaking and snorkeling are easy and fun ways to experience the natural beauty of Catalina Island. Our staff will show you the basics with each rental, and you’ll be on your way. First-timers will find kayaking easier than riding a bicycle and will enjoy attaining even more skill as the minutes roll by. Snorkelers can wade into waist-deep water and take a peek at the marine life around them, just by putting their face mask into the water. Wearing a shorty wetsuit will help you float like a cork on the surface – nothing could be more relaxing or simple! When the ocean is cooler, our full wetsuits & beanies will keep you warm.

Experienced paddlers will appreciate the array of kayaks available in our rental program – from the speedy paddle ski to touring kayaks, and including a dozen sit-on-top boats of varying size & purpose from makers like Ocean Kayak, Perception & Necky.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be back for more . . . and it won’t be long before you’ll be planning a kayak camping trip of your own or joining one of our fully-outfitted expeditions. In the meantime – you’ll find us at Descanso Beach, just past the Casino building in Avalon, Catalina Island

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