Guide Staff Naturalist Training in Fox Canyon

Guide Staff Naturalist Training in Fox Canyon

Wednesday couldn’t have been more perfect for a review session with our Fox Canyon Guides!  The early morning paddle was extraordinary with sunny skies, flat water and plenty of sea lions, pelicans and cormorants to watch.  The canyon, also known as Rattlesnake, was showing signs of our lack of rainfall – already the bright green poison oak was beginning to turn its summer shade of red.  Catalina cherry trees with developing fruit, Elderberry still in blossom, Lemonade berries in profusion greeted Jake, Teri, Nick, Brandon and Morgan as they made their way up canyon to “see what they could see” and re-hone their knowledge of what makes Catalina Island so special.

2in canyon5:16

Nice and shady, a welcome bonus for this stretch of coastline


3poison oak? 5:16

Cherry, Currant, Elderberry and . . . poison oak, don’t touch!


4paddle back 5:16

A delightful paddle back, just in time to “open shop”.  Come out and paddle with us!


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