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Guide Staff Naturalist Training in Fox Canyon ?>

Guide Staff Naturalist Training in Fox Canyon

Wednesday couldn’t have been more perfect for a review session with our Fox Canyon Guides!  The early morning paddle was extraordinary with sunny skies, flat water and plenty of sea lions, pelicans and cormorants to watch.  The canyon, also known as Rattlesnake, was showing signs of our lack of rainfall – already the bright green poison oak was beginning to turn its summer shade of red.  Catalina cherry trees with developing fruit, Elderberry still in blossom, Lemonade berries in profusion…

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Leopard sharks showing up at Fox Canyon, beautiful! Still large schools of anchovies coming in close to shore – attracting yellowtail and bonita. Lots of sea lion activity also. At Descanso Beach that deer showed up again, and a couple snowy egrets too. Large flocks of pelicans hanging out. Water warming up finally to the mid 60’s, people are swimming without wetsuits!



Jellyfish, harbor seals and sea lions everywhere, dolphin move in following bait fish…small fishes, lots of them! Top smelt and anchovies. Great blue heron constructing nest at Mike Nelson Rock. Pilot whales sighted on the 11th. Lots of bald eagles observed around the 20th, they’re continuing to hang out near Fox Canyon, and surprise, Hamilton Cove! Mule deer at Descanso on the 28th. Yellowtail under the kelp. Great month for fish and bird activity.



Young female bald eagle sighted carrying sticks (to build nest?) somewhere near Descanso Beach. The best spring wildflower display in over 30 years! Month characterized by lots of eagle activity, good weather until the end . . . March goes out with a gale!